Minnesota motorists see relief at gas pumps for Labor Day



Associated Press

Low gasoline prices for Labor Day weekend have taken a load off Minnesota motorists’ wallets as they make their final summer trips and send their kids off to college.

GasBuddy.com reported the average price in the Twin Cities area and statewide at $2.37 per gallon Saturday, down 94 cents from a year ago. That’s not the lowest price Minnesota motorists have seen at the pump this year, however. Regular gas briefly dipped below $2 per gallon in January and peaked in late July at $2.79.

 Nationally, average gasoline prices are at their lowest point for a Labor Day weekend since 2004, a result of low oil prices and a quiet hurricane season that has allowed Gulf Coast refineries to churn out fuel. Crude oil prices have plunged because producers are still furiously pumping oil.

Tara Albaugh had several reasons to smile when she filled the tank of her band-new Dodge Grand Caravan for the very first time Friday.

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