Amazon hires staff for new restaurant division




It was reported today that Amazon is adding staff for a new division dedicated to restaurants in Seattle, New York which is a clear indication that the company is trying to rapidly expand in the meal delivery service. But the Amazon delivery that you can enjoy right now is same-day delivery.

The online retailer has dabbled in food delivery before but its move to form a dedicated division called Amazon Restaurants could mean it is preparing to enter the increasingly crowded meal delivery market and compete against well-established players such as GrubHub Inc. Reuters noted that there are more than a dozen job listings for an “Amazon Restaurants” that is based in Seattle and New York. Place your order by 12 p.m., and Amazon will get it to you by 9 p.m. It even delivers seven days a week.

And in another nod to sleuthing via social media, Reuters noted that five employees of Amazon have updated their LinkedIn profiles within the past several months to show that they are, in their professional experience, working for Amazon Restaurants, with one of those notably having come to the division from GrubHub.

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