Netflix’s New Policy Is A Step In The Right Direction, No Matter How Small




Last week, online streaming (and DVD delivery) company, Netflix, announced a new maternity and paternity leave policy that has been a long time coming.

They are offering new parents unlimited paid leave for the first year after the birth or adoption of a child. First of all, paid leave is phenomenal.

Paid leave for a year is something I can’t even imagine. So many parents cut their leave short or don’t take a leave because they simply can’t afford to be out that additional paycheck. Even more impressive, this extends to parents that have adopted their babies. That first year in any child’s life is monumental, regardless of how the parents came to be parents.

 Taking a step back (I’d say stepping into space if we could both read policies from there and breath properly without helmets and suits) and looking at America’s maternity/paternity leave policy in comparison to companies in Europe, we fall woefully behind. During the births of each of my two children I worked at jobs that allowed me 12 weeks of unpaid leave.

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