VA Declaring Veterans And Social Security Recipients Incompetent, Taking Their Weapons



By Jerry McGlothlin

First, it was returning veterans who received letters from the Veterans’ Administration which stated that they were incompetent and no longer could legally own weapons.

The same plan is now in the works for recipients of Social Security, according to the Los Angeles Times. The veterans have been declared incompetent without any legal hearing, since the declaration has been made for any so-called “disabled” veteran, whether the disability is mental or physical as determined by Obama cronies.

Veterans receiving the letter are given 60 days to prove they are “competent” and able to handle their own affairs. This is a direct violation of the Due Process clause of the Constitution, since the burden of proof in such cases should be on the government. But this is the new ObamaNation.

Many of the veterans have neither been given hearings nor examined by a psychiatrist or psychologist.Then-Attorney General Eric Holder decided that anyone who works for the VA can declare veterans incompetent for any reason, including having their bills paid automatically out of their bank accounts. You heard that right: auto-payments. And veterans who question this ruling are being told that in order to have their Second Amendment right to own a firearm restored, they must sign a form that gives up all VA benefits! This is blackmail in an obvious form. To think this is the way Obama rewards our veterans for serving our country!

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