Bill to provide property tax relief for disabled veterans awaits action by governor



In a rare show of unity, the Illinois General Assembly last month unanimously approved a bill to provide property tax relief to the state’s military veterans wounded in the line of duty.

Now, Senate Bill 107 awaits action by the governor, who has declined to say whether he will sign it. The bill, if it becomes law, would exempt from taxation qualified homes of veterans with a service-connected disability with a disability of at least 30 percent.

The bill landed on Rauner’s desk June 29. Rauner can either sign the bill and make it into a law, or veto it outright. Any bill not returned by the governor within 60 calendar days after it is presented to him automatically becomes law.

Since taking office in January, Rauner has traditionally not commented on what action he plans to take on bills presented to him.

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