Sanders packs gym, stairwells in Iowa City



By Emilie Teresa Stigliani

Thea Pettitt, holding baby Lilith, stood among the crowd that spilled out of the gym in a downtown recreation center, appropriately abutting Burlington Street. Lilith sported a tiny T-shirt printed with the face of the Vermont senator.

Pettitt, originally from Montpelier, said that Sanders was the first person she ever voted for during his run for the U.S. House of Representatives. As a resident of Iowa for the past nine years, Sanders will have Pettitt’s vote at the February 1st caucus.

“It’s gonna be amazing to vote for someone for president who hasn’t been bought and sold by corporations,” the self-described socialist said.

Pettitt and about 400 others who didn’t get into the auditorium after it reached the 700-person capacity listened to Sanders’ speech over loudspeakers placed in the lobby. People packed the lobby all the way to the front doors and some found standing room in the stairwell.

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