Apple made an Android app that helps people switch to iOS



By Chris Welch

Apple is getting more aggressive than ever before in trying to move Android users over to iOS. The company has previously offered a step-by-step tutorial to ease the transition for people coming from Samsung, HTC, and other Android phones.

Now it’s building anactual app to help transfer essentials like contacts, messages, calendars, mail accounts, and media from an Android device to any iPhone or iPad running iOS 9 — and it does so wirelessly.

The new software, which wasn’t detailed during today’s keynote, is plainly called “Move to iOS.” Aside from moving over all the critical stuff, it also aims to help rebuild your app library once you’ve made the leap to Apple’s platform. For free apps, it’ll look at whatever’s on your Android phone (i.e. Facebook or Twitter) and offer download suggestions for their iOS counterparts.

If you’ve got paid Android apps that also exist on iOS, those will automatically be added to your App Store wish list.

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