Veterans Might Consider a Career in Investments

potential, drive, and intuition

Retirement is a mixed bag for many people. On the one hand, it’s the much-anticipated, coveted moment of reaping the benefits of a lifetime’s work – time to finally relax, take up a hobby, do a little more travelling, and spend more time with the family. It’s also a time which can leave some people restless – particularly veterans who are leaving a life’s worth of service, are still active, and looking for other fields which pique their interest.

Investing is one particular field that might strike a chord. It’s a structured field but one that is sometimes subject to unpredictability, which yes, increases risk, but also makes it interesting. It is also a good pursuit for obtaining extra income as well as leaving something behind for the loved ones.

Getting started

As with any pursuit, research is key – it’s important to consult professional advice before making any big decisions. Wesley Edens, co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group, believes that investment is a combination of many things: potential, drive, intuition and careful analysis.

Edens, who purchased NBA team the Milwaukee Bucks last May, has made a career out of advising several high-profile business people and celebrities. For Fortress Investment, it’s a field which requires a lot of dedicated expertise, but one in which virtually anyone with incentive has the potential to flourish.

Now that the financial market is on its way back up, possibilities for investments have expanded to cover several diverse sectors. Many individuals can pursue alternative investments as well as traditional ones, and while these have more strict regulations to abide by, they can be highly profitable.

You can also consider constructing a total return portfolio, retirement portfolio (with IRAs), immediate annuities, dividends and real estate to name just a few. The risks with these are straightforward – do you have the time and the resources to invest in them properly? Are they high risk? What kind of return will they give you?

You want to be sure that you are ready to tackle any potential issues that rise out of them before any big purchase; it’s not enough to envision the potential of a prospect, but to be able to apply it in context and see it through successfully. Of course, the rewards for this are considerable when investments go according to plan.

It means more value, more income, and more peace of mind. Asking the right questions and investing at the right time is key to this success, and one which will keep you busy for years to come – making retirement that much more fulfilling.

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