The Top Factors to Consider when Selecting Triple Glazed Windows


When it comes to our homes, we make sure that we choose only the best, especially when we can afford it. This goes for various home elements such as our roofs, our doors, our windows, and the like. Windows, in particular, need to be chosen carefully as they serve a dual – even multiple – purpose: that of protecting your home from the elements and from intruders, insulating your interiors, and giving your home the aesthetic appeal it needs, among others.

Triple glazed windows and their benefits

Fortunately, you have plenty more choices today when it comes to windows. And one of the most popular types of windows nowadays is triple glazed windows. If you have ever heard of double glazed windows, then triple glazed windows are a step above. With triple glazed windows, you have the advantage of improved thermal insulation for your home and improved noise insulation as well. The noise insulation provided by triple glazed windows is truly an advantage if you live along a busy road or thoroughfare, or if you live near a railroad or an airport.

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, triple glazed windows give you better security, as these types of windows are often comprised of three tough panes of glass, with each pane separated by a cavity or gap in between. These gaps or cavities are effective at providing the proper insulation for your property, and they serve another purpose as well: they reduce condensation, therefore eliminating the buildup of moisture.

But these are just the obvious benefits of triple glazed windows. If you choose to install triple glazed windows in your property, you will have the added advantage of a decrease in your utility bills as your energy usage is bound to drop. Overall, triple glazed windows are a feasible choice for any modern home.

Before you buy

But before you buy triple glazed windows, there are some things you should watch out for and consider.

Choose a good supplier and installer who can offer you a quality deal

For instance, choose your triple glazed window supplier and installer carefully. Be wary of companies who offer to give you triple glazing for the same price as double glazed windows as a ‘promotional offer’ or ‘special offer.’ This could mean triple glazed windows that are low quality, where there is no improvement in performance but just heavier panes of glass.

Watch out for the hinges

You also need to make sure that the hinges used for the installation of your triple glazed windows are heavy duty and tough enough to carry the extra weight of three panes of glass.

The space between the panes of glass 

When choosing triple glazed windows, you also have to think about the available space between the panes. The space or gap determines how good the window’s insulation will be. Triple glazed window units, for instance, usually have two spaces or gaps with a 20 millimetre cavity for each. If your glass panes are 4 millimetres, for instance, then the ideal set-up for a triple glazed window system should be the 4 mm glass pane + a 20 millimetre gap + the 4 mm glass pane + the 20 millimetre gap + the 4 mm glass pane, which equals 52 millimetres in total.

For best results, choose a supplier and installer who has been in the business for some time, such as, and who can give you referrals of clients they have worked with in the past.

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