The importance of good signage for your business


If you are thinking of starting up a business, regardless of the industry, you are going to run up against competition. One of the best ways to help your business stand out and to establish your brand is to ensure you have effective signage. The right kind of signs can make all the difference in positioning your company in a favourable light amongst the competition.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you own. Whether you own a café, a toy store, a tax preparation service or a day spa, the right kind of signage sets the tone for your business. When it comes to ordering wall murals in Toronto from a site such as, you have lots of options. Considering choosing things like:

LED signs

Neon signs

Parking lot signs

Lighted signs

Window signage

Vehicle wraps

And more

The type of sign you choose should hinge largely on the type of business you own and the image you want to project. If you own a high-end day spa, for example, a bright neon sign loudly shouting the name of your business probably doesn’t send the right message. If your business is a pawn brokerage, on the other hand, an eye-catching neon sign could be just the thing you need to stand out. Vehicle wraps (that is, signage that is essentially part of the exterior finish of a car) can be a valuable sales tool because it spreads word about your business throughout the city, not just in front of your actual store.

What is on the sign is just as important as the type of sign you choose. When developing your brand for your business, it’s critical that you design a logo (or have one designed for you) that projects the right image for your business. More than that, your logo will become your brand, appearing on everything from your business cards to your employee’s uniforms to your advertising so it has to be something memorable. Your logo should be front and centre on all of your signage, too, so that when people see your signs, billboards, etc. they will immediately associate that image with your company. Think of how powerfully associated a certain green circle with a mermaid inside is associated with a certain coffee company, or a pair of golden arches with a famous fast-food restaurant and it’s easy to see the power of the right kind of signage. No matter where you go in the world, those images are associated with those companies.

When you open a business and start to think about a brand, it’s important to make good decisions from the get-go. Logos and signage are important decisions to make, because they will form the basis for your company’s corporate identity. Done right, signage can help draw interested customers into your business and convert them into buying what you are selling. Done poorly, signage can actually drive potential customers away and damage your reputation before anyone even darkens your store’s doorway. That can spell disaster for a fledgling business.

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