The 4 Best Mobile Application Testing Tools

As a mobile app developer, you must make sure that your app works perfectly at all times right from the release time. Many testing tools are available. These tools help you distribute beta versions as well as invite users to provide feedback and report problems.

With the application testing tools, you can do the following:

  • Collect feedback
  • Collect analytics
  • Collect crash reports

Some of the testing tools are strictly for IOS while others are cross platform. Here are the 4 best mobile application-testing tools:


Initially, TestFlight was an incredible tool for both IOS and Android developers. Nonetheless, after Apple acquired it, it deactivated Android support. IOS developers can use this free tool for app testing. You can use it to invite users for purposes of testing your apps prior to release.

With TestFlight, you can invite more than one thousand external testers or users through their email addresses. On inviting the testers to the tool, they will then get a link that allows them to download your app from App Store.


This tool is 100% free. However, there is a premium package for bigger teams. App developers enjoy an array of implausible features. Video recording is one feature that stands out among the many. TestFairy offers video recording of exact tests from a client’s side including crash reports, logs, Network monitoring, GPS, Memory, CPU and so much more.

With Android applications, there is no need to integrate APIs or SDK into your app builds. All you need to do is upload your Android application file to a TestFairy platform, which then takes the file and inserts appropriate hooks into the right places. After this, it gathers information and reassembles it to distribute to beta testers.

IOS developers have to add a single line of code.

Google Developer Console

This is specifically for Android developers. With your Google account, you can access this file. For organizations, Google advises to register a brand new account.

Last year, Google Play Team announced that developers could access Google Play Developer Publishing API. Some of the features developers can enjoy include:

  • Optimization Tips
  • Email notifications to alerts
  • Bulk reviews export
  • Enhanced revenue statistics
  • Website verification and deep-linking to optimize search results


HockeyApp allows you to develop beta versions of Mac OS, Android, IOS, and Windows applications. Microsoft is the current owner of HockeyApp. This tool does not provide free plans. Nonetheless, users get a one-month free subscription. Prices start at around $10 every month. This package allows you to build up to five applications. With this tool, you enjoy unlimited storage as well as unlimited number of testers or developers for any plan.

Some of its features include:

  • User and team management
  • Analytics of Oss, hardware and users
  • Easy feedback for users
  • Crash analysis and reports
  • Consolidate distribution across different platforms

The above are just a detailed selection of the best testing tools developers can use to access and improve their apps. Check out Mobile Action to find out more.

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