Playtika Social Gaming as a Doorway to Real Money Games



As of recent, a lot of people did not opt to play their games on the Internet. If they ever bet on games, they would go out to a real, live casino as opposed to sending their cash out into cyber space. Then something happened. Social gaming came along and changed everything.

One of the top 10 providers of social gaming is Playtika, a game developer that stands behind massive social gaming hits like Slotomania.

Playtika’s social gaming has been a great force in changing the rules, and anyone who’s a bit curious about casino games can get involved with just a couple of clicks on Facebook or an app on their phone.

With slot machine apps that don’t cost money, people will be quick to give the games a shot. Interestingly, this app for social gaming also seems to be a way of getting more people to play actual money games.

The Point of Free Games

Players who love the rush and excitement of winning money might wonder why a gaming company would offer free games. While Playtika social games does have a feature which allows the player to purchase credits to increase his chance of winning virtual rewards, the concept here is not one of winning cash. These free social games attract players who would otherwise never go to a casino because of the risk it poses. According to Playtika most of their active players are only playing the free games. The small percentage who purchase the extra credit do so only for the entertainment of increased winning potential.

The Next Step – The Real Games

In 2011 Caesar’s Interactive Entertainment (CIE) became a 51% owner of Playtika. CIE is the largest casino company in the United States. One of the advantages in social gaming is that it circumvents the strict American laws of online gambling since it is a free and legal alternative.

Anyone can enjoy their free games anywhere. While the Playtika games are entertaining and constantly updated to meet the expectations of the players, their function might be more than just to create a safe and fun environment for people of all ages to enjoy casino games.

Once a player becomes comfortable with the idea of betting on slots and poker games, albeit for free, the thought of doing it for real is no longer daunting. So one might wonder then if the concept of social gaming is a sort of doorway for real money games, being an asset for those companies who can offer this.

Furthermore, the social media aspect enables the game providers to collect a great deal of information about the players. This information gives them a clue as to what gaming opportunities they could present to a player that fits his specific playing profile.  You can also search best free games online.

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