Looking at getting into the Financial Services Sector In the US?

It is rarely in the news but the fact is that the financial services sector in the US is well and truly one of the hottest sectors in the country. Interestingly, most of the hiring doesn’t actually happen on Wall Street. We take a look at some of some of the best cities known for hiring financial services talents.

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco has the largest number of Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. Its nearness to Silicon Valley as well as the number of wealthy residents creates banking jobs in wealth management and lending. There are also finance and accounting jobs at many startups and large corporations. Employment numbers and salaries here are some of the highest across the nation.  If you are a top candidate, you can enjoy being the subject of a bidding war. The job market here is very aggressive and candidates have many offers to choose from when it is time to take their next new job.

Dallas, TX

A bulk of the financial services hiring happening here is in the energy sector and other industries that support the energy sector.  Presently, most of the sectors within energy are hot. This includes energy trading, utilities, oilfield service, energy related technology and shale plays.

There is a huge need for finance and accounting experts in the corporate accounting/shared services and operations sector of this corporation. There isn’t any need for experience working in the energy field to be able to find accounting or finance work in Texas. Experts believe the skills are easily transferable.

New York City & Long Island

Wall Street may not exactly be what it was in the past but there is regular opening of finance and accounting positions. Finance professionals like Controllers, CPAs and others can find positions in the retail, insurance, advertising and media, real estate and healthcare sectors. However, it is important to carefully consider the cost of living. Cost of living is fairly steep here so your earnings, regardless of how juicy it sounds on paper may not be enough.

Houston, TX

The city is home to a large number of Fortune 500 companies covering a variety of sectors. However, energy and real estate are the highest employers.

The cost of living and tax incentives have seen several big businesses that are monitoring their operating expenses moving to this city. The pay offered here and the cost of living is undoubtedly one of the best you will ever find around.

Irvine, CA

This Californian city is home to the headquarters of a number of Fortune 500 companies. Most of the companies here are from the commercial real estate, bio tech and hospitality sectors.

It may be worth getting your ESTA sorted and heading over to the US to check out a few of the spots before making a final decision. All visitors to the US either need a visa or an ESTA waiver if they are travelling from a country participating in the Waiver programme.

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