How to Make and Save Money Online


With the economy around the world being the way it is right now, lots of people are trying to find ways of saving and making extra money and there are several good ways to do this. These are some of the good methods of saving or earning a little extra.

Saving money

The method: using price comparison sites

Why it is a great way to save money: because there are easy-to-understand comparison sites that will help you get the best deals on everything from supermarkets to energy providers.

How it is achievable: log on to one of these sites, search for the relevant subject area and then browse the current deals, to find the lowest ones.

Examples: is one of the most successful and widely-used comparison sites

Is it simple? Yes, these sites are laid out to make it easy for you to find the best possible deals

Making money

The method: recycling items

Why it is a great way to save money: because there are lots of common items – from electrical ones like mobiles, tablets CDs and DVDs to clothes – that you can sell online.

How it is achievable: there are websites that allow you to list and sell second hand items – both general and specialist.

Examples: Ebay is a site where any of these items can be sold, whereas Mazumamobile is a specialist site for selling mobile phones and Amazon or Music Magpie will take your CDs).

Is it simple? Yes, as most of these sites have straightforward registration forms and make it easy to list your items and start your business form home.

The method: online gaming

Why it is a great way to make money: because there are games like slot machines that are easy for anyone to play and which provide excellent payout odds.

How it is achievable: set up an account at a mobile casino and pick a game that suits you – poker or blackjack if you are an experienced card player or the slots if you are not – and get started.

Is it simple? Registration is simple but you should only play games that you are familiar with.

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