Expand Your Reach – 4 Ways Media is Making a Difference


Technology has given rise to new ways for humans to communicate with one another. Social media has been the most prominent, as it now allows individuals to interact with large companies utilizing a two-way avenue of communication but there are countless other avenues that modern media can influence our life. Even the smallest aspect of our life has changed significantly in the past decade due, largely in part of media. Let’s examine four ways that modern media has changed the world.


1. Political Involvement

One of the most influential factors in President Barack Obama’s first and second election was the utilization of social media. Politicians and groups have since used social media to raise political awareness for their various goals to various degrees of success. This has allowed the same demographic of individuals that were hesitant to vote to become more involved than ever in politics. Awareness of the most pressing matters and expressing an individual’s opinions on them has been made possible purely through social media. While subjects that might have been brushed under the table just a few decades ago are brought to the forefront of debate due, in part, to social media and media portrayal of the issues.


2. Rapid Communication

Letters and telephone calls used to be the most involved forms of communication that people could partake in over long distances. These methods were relatively slow and sparse, which meant that communication was limited. Social media evolved to allow individuals to share message, voice clips, photographs and even web pages with people thousands of miles away. This rapid communication has made it significantly easier to bring families together while allowing businesses to evolve even more rapidly.


3. Empowerment of the Individual

Another change social media has brought is to give the individual’s voice far more reach. One comment on a social media page can be enough to stir fans, followers and other connected people to a cause. The individual’s voice has far more potential than it did before. The requirement of money has been waived due to the cost-efficient way social media operates for transmitting messages.


4. Giving Businesses Voice

Social media has allowed for businesses to communicate with vast groups of people using two-way methods of communication. The individual can now talk to businesses in direct ways, which allows businesses to take in opinions to better align themselves before broadcasting new messages. This ability has given rise to the need for new types of specializations, which includes things like the Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication Media & Society degree available from the University of Florida.


Changing the Way the World Works

Social media’ influence on the rest of the world has been to make communication more rapid and fulfilling. It has allowed the individual’s voice to become louder while allowing businesses to listen as much as they speak. To get involved in this exciting avenue of interaction all you have to do is start towards a bachelor in communication. Education like this can help individuals become more acquainted with media and its effects on the general populace. As new technology continues to develop, social media will only grow in versatility and power. The need for experts capable of utilizing these new changes will also grow.

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