Career And Salary Facts About Forestry Jobs


There are so many interesting forestry jobs that are available at the moment and quite a lot of money can be done in this industry. The three most popular jobs are loggers, forest technicians and foresters. Responsibilities vary from one to the next. However, if you love the outdoors, forestry could be where it’s at now.

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Salary Expectations

According to the US BLS, the average salary for a forester is around $60,000. The employer and location will have the highest impact on how much you are paid. More money is gained when you work for private companies. State foresters will not be paid as much. The technicians are really common and they do make around $39,000 per year, according to statistics that were released in 2013. Logging workers make around $35,000.

Necessary Education

A bachelor’s degree in natural resource management or forestry is needed in order to get in the industry. Academic careers, usually focused on research, need to bring in a doctoral or a master’s degree. Standards and even values for the education in forestry will be set by SAF (Society Of American Foresters).

A bachelor’s degree is usually made out of courses that are done in forestry field studies, forest vegetation, forest plants, range plants and forestry measurements. Practical conservation methods will be learned and so much more can be mentioned. Doctorals will only be needed in the event that you want to do research or you want something that is a lot more special.

Forestry Licensing

The tricky part is that there are variations that appear from one state to the next when referring to licensing requirements for the foresters. However, in most cases you do need a license or you have to register. It is really important that you consider the state’s laws in order to see what forestry jobs will require a license. Licensing and registration prerequisites will normally include the need to have a forestry bachelor’s degree, work experience or successfully going through a specific test. If you are interested in getting a license, conduct a good research so that you can take all the necessary steps to get accredited.

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