5 Money Saving Marketing and Branding Tips for Small Businesses



Branding is something that’s often associated with large companies that have the money for massive advertising budgets. You might think smaller businesses are left fighting over the scraps, but this isn’t the case. The fact of the matter is you can easily build a brand on a low budget. We’re going to show you how to go about this.

  1. Have a Branding Plan

It sounds blatantly obvious, but a plan is what stops you from spending thousands of dollars on something you don’t really need. It’s easy to get carried away amongst grand plans and dreams of wealth. A branding plan will show you where you need to go and what you need to do to get there. No need to deviate from it.

  1. What’s the Return?

For every action there’s an opposite reaction. If a company like www.JobApplicationCenter.com invests a hundred dollars in Facebook ads, it must know what it expects to get in return. Whilst this should be detailed as part of an overall plan, equally you should have a short-term gain from it when you make that purchase.

Assess every potential return and ensure you have a way to measure that return. For example, analytics software could tell you whether your latest traffic-driving SEO campaign has been successful or not.

  1. Be Willing to Cut

 We’ve spoken about planning for success, but what happens when it goes wrong?

Let’s go back to the example about the www.JobApplicationCenter.com. They have spent twenty-five dollars on Facebook ads so far and it’s yielded them nothing. A smart business steps in now and pauses the campaign to find out why the money they’ve spent has had no impact whatsoever. Dumb businesses keep the fire going and then try to figure it out.

  1. Tell a Story

Anyone can tell a story. It doesn’t cost them anything more to tell a story than it does to throw lots of dollars at a randomized marketing plan. Telling a story has proven time and time again to work to pull customers in. How you tell this story is up to you.

Instead of telling the story of how someone found your product and it changed their lives, demonstrate your product in action and it will naturally show how it changed someone’s life. The difference is subtle, but it’s there.

  1. Wield Social Media

Social media is free. Anything you do can be amplified by the presence of social media. If one of your marketing options is to cut the prices of certain products, you should talk about it on social media. A redesign of your website should warrant some ripples on social media. Calculate a social media campaign alongside your other marketing and branding activities to amplify everything you do.

You’ll notice that all of these tips boil down to having a clear plan and direction. Too many businesses don’t have this. Consequently, they find themselves wasting huge amounts of money for little gain. Don’t become one of those companies. Make a plan today!

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