What Is SR 22 Insurance?


Since you are reading this article, you were most likely told that you need to go through an SR 22 filing. It is normal to want to do some research because of the fact that most people have no idea what this is. In fact, SR 22 is not actually insurance. However, you may end up needing one in the event that you want to drive a vehicle, based on specific circumstances.


SR 22 is basically an endorsement type that is put on an insurance policy for a vehicle or on a non-owners policy. The form is filed with the insurance company you work with in order to show them that you are covered by liability insurance necessary in the state.

In most cases you will need to work with an SR22 agency because of the fact that you are labeled as being high risk for motorists. It is possible to have been convicted of driving under the influence or you may have been involved in an accident without the proper insurance coverage. In this case the SR 22 filling is a necessity. The Department Of Motor Vehicles needs to make sure you are properly covered so that other drivers are protected.

In most situations the coverage appears for 3 years and as soon as the term is over, you will no longer need the filing and standard insurance endorsement will be used. It is important that you do not have any problems during the term so that you can end up covered by regular policies.

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