Search Medical Field Salaries: How Much Does Each One Earn?


What do parents want their kids to be when they grow up? Most will surely answer that they want their kids to land a job in the medical industry. From being a doctor to a nurse to a radiologist, all these are options for kids of parents who want them to succeed. There is a fairly good reason why parents would want their kids to be in a medical practice. If you search medical field salaries, you will find out the very reason why. The industry is highly respected and even more highly paid. It’s that simple.


Ever wondered how much each medical practitioner earns? Perhaps knowing that they always land the most high paying jobs list would give you an idea of the figures. Whether the country is under recession or not, they are still paid as much precisely because people would always want to achieve utmost health. Their health is their wealth and because of that, they are willing to spend any amount just to make sure that they are perfectly healthy every time.

So how much would medical practitioners usually earn at an average? Here’s a list:

  • A surgeon earns as little as $70,000 up to more than $500,000 each year. Because they specialize in operating on patients to repair a body part of get rid of what’s causing the disease, they come in a wide variety. Cardiologists or specialists of the heart are the highest paid next to the neurosurgeon – doctor of the brain.
  • Anesthesiologists are the doctor partners of the surgeons. Their specialization involves the management of pain of patients who are undergoing surgery. Without their help, the surgeon will not be able to perform his job. Because of such high importance, these types of doctors are paid as much as $100,000 up to $350,000 each year.
  • Obstetricians are specialist in woman’s overall health. Specifically, they are the doctors who know everything about the female reproductive organ, including the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases that may affect it. They are paid as much as $60,000 up to $270,000 each year.


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