Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Surrounded with questions?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 started its journey just few months ago and it was the ruler of 2014 and now other beasts of the market are getting ready to take the flagship award from it. If you remember the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was directly competed by the Apple iPhone 6 Plus and yes the sales of Galaxy Note 4 was affecting. But now Samsung decided to launch the flagship the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which is now surrounded by different questions of expectations.


If you are aware of the Galaxy Note 4 which was one of the first phones using Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 805, and it showed the biggest result and revolution in the performance? You would not discover any lag problem when running applications, camera, video, or try more or less graphics intensive games in the last Note. The Adreno 420 GPU amply meets and, together with the power of Qualcomm processor, the result is an optimized hardware that seems perfectly with the software. But the thing is slightly different in battery case. The Galaxy Note 4 features a battery of 3200 mAh. In intensive daily use we could get day and a half without a problem, but as you add good camera use, and the occasional video game, battery remains till one day. And yes, there are smartphones that exceed what by far as the Sony Xperia Z3, but you can‘t say that the battery is an obstacle in the Note. The ultra power mode helps to stretch the battery and also the fast charging times to reduce, but not significantly.

Well, we said this all for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to learn where it was lacking and where the next beast Samsung Galaxy Note 5 needs improvements. Would there be better battery in ratings and life then you are expecting right for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as there could be fast charger technique to charger your phone in just few minutes, and more efficient battery could be the powerful set of the phone. And the challenge remains to the Samsung’s engineer to put more power in the same volume of battery.

And in the camera section, even carrying the more MP camera than the iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is not a verdict over the Apple iPhone 6 Plus the reason is very simple the sensor and the optimization of camera in the latest iPhone. So, next question that surround the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the camera, would it able to beat the iPhone 6 plus, if yes then would it able to beat the iPhone 6S plus camera? Well, at present we can say, it would surely beat the camera of 6 Plus but we can’t say about the iPhone 6S plus as it not yet released, and the good thing is Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date would be scheduled later than the iPhone 6S plus, so real game would start in the coming September.

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