Relocating Your Business? 4 Must-Follow Tips for a Smooth Move


No one wants to relocate their business but in some cases, it must happen. There might be a business expansion where you need more desks to fill the office for your new employees, the current lease might be up or you plan to move to a bigger city; regardless of the reason, it’s a stage a lot of businesses go through. In the event that your business is relocating, there are a few things that must be done before the move becomes official. Here are four tips that will ensure a smoother move into your new location:

Moving Buisnesses

Update Clients and Customers

No need to risk losing a client or customer because you didn’t inform them about your relocation. Update them early and often with detailed information on each step of your move. It can be as simple as sending out a letter, tweeting about it, emailing them or simply posting something on the website. After all, communication is key right?


Plan out Logistical Issues

More than likely businesses have a lot of office items to move and this can be impossible without the proper moving essentials. Renting a truck from Jamieson Car and Truck Rental is recommended, as they provide sufficient space to pack all of your assets. If you don’t want to break a nail while packing, take it a step further and hire movers to pack all of your things for you over the weekend so as to not interrupt a regular work day. By hiring an outside company to take care of this for you, your business can focus on their initiatives and daily tasks instead of putting in the work to move everything itself.


Ensure All Employees Are Aware of the Move

Although it may not matter much to employers if there employees are ok with relocation, sometimes employees make or break a company. If a business is driven and heavily dependent on their top employees then it would be recommended to make sure all employees can deal with the move. Some have families and it some cases it may not be a good move. Take all of these factors into account before deciding on moving as you may lose some along the way.


Set a Timeframe

No business wants to take a large amount of time to settle a moving process. Set a timeframe so that things can be short and sweet. This way business tasks can be the main focus instead of relocation. While packing, informing clients and talking with employees about the relocation is already strenuous enough, extra time doesn’t need to be wasted on relocating. A short time is probably recommended for the sake of business flow.


Business relocation will definitely be a time consuming task but it shouldn’t be a difficult one. Moving to a new location may help your business grow into the next stage of its life. These four must follow tips will ensure for a safe and smooth move for your business.

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