Growth of Marketing Agency and its Role


Marketing AgencyModern marketing and advertising became possible with the advent of printing and the subsequent attempts to print notices, posters and bills in large numbers. However, the industrial revolution in Europe combined with large-scale urbanization and mass production of goods and the growth of publishing business that made the expansion of competitive market. The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Europe and United States were witness to massive migration of people from rural to urban areas, there to work in factories and live in crowded unhygienic conditions.  The working class and the availability of large markets used in the purchasing of the raw materials. Mass production resulted in the need to market the products as they rolled out of the factories. Marketing and advertising became a powerful tool to stimulate public demand for standardized factory products. The growth of printing and publishing enhanced the advertising as it subsidized their costs of production. This went a long way in keeping the price of the products reasonable.

Both marketing and advertising has become one of the most vital tools for propagating the business. In fact, it is an essential aspect of business strategy. Advertising agencies are professional firms, which provide marketing and advertising services to different companies and organizations promoting their product. The marketing professionals have to abreast the information regarding the market that helps in proper research and framing sales techniques. The client has to be very careful while choosing a marketing agency, which will cater to their requirements appropriately. Some of the vital areas where these agencies specialize include designing logos, creating effective, colour, and graphics to draw the attention of the consumers. Apart from these, they also prepare slogans and tag lines for the ads and provide copy-writing services as well.  The corporate houses and business firms across worldwide have started opting for ad agencies to market their products. The professionals work as a team and cohesively with the companies to frame marketing strategies for their client.

Yet another very important task of the ad agency is to select the medium for the promotion of the product or service. While doing so they obviously need to consult the client to get his approval. The product can be promoted through television commercials, radio jingle and classifieds published in the newspaper. However, it all depends on the budget of the client. Today internet has also become one of the most effective and powerful tools for promoting the product and this could be done through website designing and SEO application. While chalking out the strategies, one needs to keep in mind the specific demands of the consumers and determine the demographic for promoting the product. The major target of any ad agency is to boost or enhance the sales to reach out to larger potential consumers. The marketing agencies work in tandem advertising agency to make their ends meet. They have to establish the concept of the brand to gain the control over the market in a particular country or region. The client can hire such an agency according to its charge and the services it is providing. One would find that it is a good investment in the end.

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