Forex Trading in Different Parts of the World


One of the largest markets in the virtual world, with an estimated turnover upwards of $ 2.5 Trillion per day, is the forex market. Also known as the Foreign exchange or FX market, this is a single commodity market, where trading is done only in currencies, albeit of different countries.

forex trading

This Market never Sleeps

One of the winning features of the forex market is that it is operational 24×7 on five and half days a week. So, one has the ease of doing business at any time of the day or night from any country in the world, without having to wait for the market to open.  This is so because, as a world market, countries are spread across the globe and when it is night in one country the sun is rising elsewhere.

Unique Features of Forex

  • Has the largest turnover per business day
  • Ease of doing business from anywhere in the world
  • Most liquid trading asset
  • Low volatility of rates and limited fluctuations
  • Cannot be manipulated by a few large players
  • Scope for everyone to participate – individual investors, large corporations, and very rich individuals
  • Direct Over the counter (OTC) market without a central clearing house or exchange

Trends in Forex Trading

Forex trading is done in any of the currencies of the world where one currency is exchanged for another either at the current market rate through Spot trading or through  fixed or pegged rate in the future or forwards market, which is essentially a way to safeguard your transactions against fluctuations that occur in the market. This said, most of the trading is done in a few major currencies such as $USD, Euro, Yen, British Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar, and the Swiss Franc. While it is possible to do forex trading in India, China, and South Africa or even from Brazil, the main trading centers of Forex are New York, Singapore, London, and Tokyo.

What’s in it for you?

Trading in Forex allows you to maximize profits with a low investment. Facilitators like iFOREX provide you with a lot of real time help and act as an interface to the inter-bank market. Forex provides you with an opportunity to enjoy maximum leverage using a small margin investment. Unlike the equities market where one needs to make large initial investments, forex allows you to start trading with as little or as much as you want. It is also defined by little or marginal fluctuations in the exchange rate, unlike in the case of equities and stocks where variations are more marked and may lead to your whole investment being wiped out in a day.

Forex gives the most liquid asset and you need not wait for long lock in periods to realize your investment into cash. One of course has to be cautious while trading and it is advised to take the help of experts to make more educated choices. For more help regarding forex trading in Indiayou could choose from options available which help you trade with safety and total security.

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