5 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score


Don’t you feel terrific to have an excellent credit score, but getting a perfect rating is pretty much unattainable. However, credit score is not like driving a race car, where you can revive the engine to get the instant boost; it is more like having a good driving record.You need to be consistent; your past behavior should be good to push the score in the right path. Here are some good tips for improving credit scores.

Understand What Good Score Means

Creditors create their own break points and guidelines for doling out credit, considering the personal finances as well. With 300-580, you can get the costly, highest interest rates, where your chance of credit getting denied will be high. With 581-650, you can qualify for credit, while 651-750 can get you a credit at average interest rates. With scores above 710, you will qualify for most competitive credit for lowest interest rates. There is a lot to do this three digits; it can influence whether or not landlord (or bank) approve your rental request (or loan). The higher the score, the more money you can save.

Pay Bills on Time

In order to raise your credit score, you should pay bills by due time; opt for automatic payment so that you don’t forget any. But, ensure that your bank account has sufficient money to avoid overdraft fees. Your payment history, skip to pay or late payment also makes up a massive 35% of total score. If you are merely overwhelmed or absent-minded, then please consider taking automatic payment option. Using too much of credit limit won’t be that beneficial; be sure to make payment twice a month- one at the beginning and the other during mid weeks. You can also mix up another card to balance the credit score.

Know How Your Score Is Calculated

In order to understand this, you need to answer some questions; do you make payment on time? How long is your history? What type of credit accounts you’ve? The credit history should not have negative effect on score; low balances and timely payments can offset these negative factors. Yet another factor is to consider how much revolving credit you own versus how much you are actually utilizing. Keep the percentage small to get better credit rating.

Watch Out for Credit-Repair Scams

Plan accordingly to avoid falling into any traps; if things aren’t happening the way you thought, look for skilled experts rather than choosing one blindly. They will go through your details before guiding you; nothing can happen overnight! Though it takes time, you can enhance the creditworthiness, if you take help from the legitimate resources. It takes time and consistent efforts erase your bad credit or remove bankruptcies.


Credit scoring can be improved with right negotiate skills; if you were unemployed, then write a letter to bank or creditors to erase debt or can make a request to pay the remaining balance shortly. Become an authorized user to maintain a good score.

Manage your money wisely to improve credit score.

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Jennifer Chris has more than ten years of experience handling finance; she talks about wide range of topics, ranging from business to personal finance.

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