Why Logo is the Key Asset of Your Company



Logo is considered as most important asset of marketing strategy which reflects business’s principle and values. A company’s Logo is its shorthand, visual cue that tells a story of brand’s culture, behavior, and values. It has same importance as face in your body with respect to business. There are many considerations with logo design that most people should think about before brand building. A well-crafted logo communicates immediately brand recognition, admiration, implied superiority and inspires trust. The professional logo design process should not be taken lightly.


1) Trends inspired and solidify consumer loyalty:

Logo should be designed with longevity in mind. Company which changes its logo, customers may feel unstable to follow trends and create trust issues. A simple logo is the key. Even after brand’s identity and images has been established, a logo design work continues. An effectiveness of a logo comes from repetitive design and helps to establish consumer loyalty.A glimpse of the logo should be sufficient for client to relate with brand name.

2) Too complicated for all mediums:

A logo should not have those elements that are difficult to apply in versatile mediums. A 3D stylish look might appear great on computer monitor but it doesn’t mean that it’s great for everything else. A logo needs to be seen in different environments such as small displays, in print, a signage, or a cellphone. hence it is important to ensure that it communicates clearly in all mediums.

3) Logo Design establishes the identity‘:

The strength of a logo lies in visual nature. It is difficult to establish in the market without a logo. A well designed logo’ helps to communicate the worth of company’s product and reach upto buying public.An irrelevantly thought-up logo’ can easily destroy company’s image. It is an absolute necessary for a logo’ have a specific image and present unique meaning to subconscious brain of the customers to keep it apart from rest of competitive products.. Logo is a reflection and shortcut to company’s product. How often you identify a car from specs or build, rather than a logo present in front or on a bumper?

4) Logo establishes ownership:

Logo proves legal ownership and legal safety shield against forgeries and fakes. Markets are flooded with cheap and fake forgeries in third world countries. You can get fake sneakers with similar NIKE’s logo, such companies can be sued by their original brand names in consumer court.

5) Powerful marketing tool that delivers marketing message:

A logo shouldn’t be used to say ‘what’ a company does. Think about currant examples of logos that have strong brand recognition. Where’s the computer in Apple’s Logo? Does a Nokia needs a phone or Toyota needs a car in their logos. A logo is there to represent the company, not to give resumes of products or capabilities. It puts a face to an entity. Logo can become primary factor for a sale of a company’s product with careful marketing. For instance, put a light on Nike’s marketing strategy to make their brand that has tremendous loyalty. Cashing of ‘the best money can buy’ brand image has made ‘Nike’ as top reliable professional sports gear.

Bottom Line:

Logo is the pillar of creative strategy and sufficient time should be invested on great logo design to make them relate to company’s brand image. It emphasizes the embodiment of overall marketing techniques of a company. Hence A successful brands will always build on inherent strengths and made a difference in world by creating an iconic symbol that is recognized and resonates with company’s markets and reinforce with overall brand approach.

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