Uscreen–An Effective Way to Distribute Video Content


Up until a few years ago, it was hard to imagine that video streaming would take over the niche dominated by the DVD industry. Nowadays however, video content is virtually ubiquitous on the Internet, and you would be hard pressed to find a site that doesn’t host videos or have some form of video streaming capability. Streaming video offers a timely solution for users who wish to access video content online, and its popularity grows with each passing year.

That being said, most sites that provide streaming video generally do not allow users to download content for later viewing offline. Streaming video also falls short as far as enabling owners and creators to earn revenue off their videos. This is where comes in.

Uscreen is an innovative service that allows video creators to not only post their videos online, but also provides them with the opportunity to make these videos available for download to customers. For both video creators and their audiences, Uscreen is a simple and convenient solution to the problem of being unable to access video content offline for later viewing. Although still in its relative infancy, Uscreen may yet become the model for which all video content will be hosted in the future.

Uscreen serves a virtual marketplace from which video creators or online services can make their videos available to the public and generate income in the process. The service enables video owners to upload their videos to the site, where users can purchase them for downloading and/or streaming on any number of devices, including mobile and desktop computers and portable media players. For users who have been hindered by the traditional model of streaming media, Uscreen offers a convenient and elegant solution.

For site owners, online business owners, and generators of video content, Uscreen offers numerous benefits over the traditional model of video sharing. For one thing, Uscreen gives providers the opportunity to offer video in a wide variety of different formats. Videos hosted on the site can be viewed and downloaded from Android and iOS equipped devices, desktop and laptop computers, and even TVs with Internet capability. This enables video creators and online business owners to expand their reach and connect with audiences previously inaccessible to them.

Security and intellectual property rights have always been key concerns when making content accessible to audiences, but Uscreen addresses those issues as well. Offering proprietary DRM and encryption features, Uscreen provides video owners with the means to make their content readily available to their audiences while still maintaining the necessary security.

Uscreen also offers an innovative digital storefront that is fully customizable, enabling video owners to integrate video downloading with a convenient shopping cart capability. Video owners can even provide their audiences with previews as well as chapter listings, making it easy for customers to pick and choose the videos that they want. The admin control panel of the Uscreen publisher also gives video owners the option to make their videos available for purchase, rent, or subscription.

Video content is here to stay, and business owners would do well to accept the consumer demand for easily accessible video content. With Uscreen, site owners and video developers have a convenient and versatile means for providing audiences with the video experience that they want.

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