Tips and Advice for Improving your Delivery Services


The quality of your delivery service can be ‘make or break’ for your business, as ultimately it is the final impression of your business you customers receive. Ideally what you want is for them to receive a swift and efficient delivery, otherwise you can face criticism, negative feedback and more importantly a lost customer.

Sometimes late or lost delivery is beyond your control and you can justify this, however the rest of the time the focus is on what you provide. So to help improve your delivery services, in this post you’ll find some useful strategies as well as what to avoid to help ensure your clients are kept happy.

New Tactics

  • Bundle the Orders – When a customer places an order with a number of items, it makes sense both financially and practically to bundle these orders. The client will appreciate this when they receive their bulk order, but also you can cut down on wasted packaging.
  • Check the International Markets – If you are providing a global delivery service, it pays to keep abreast of the political and economic situation in certain countries. For instance, a country that is facing a recession may have trading sanctions placed upon it, making deliveries very problematic.
  • Offer a Tracking Service – Letting customers know the status of their order helps them to feel more relaxed and confident in your service. Plus, if they have any time-issues you can refer them back to the tracker to keep them updated.

What to Avoid

On top of these tactics, there are also things to avoid with your delivery service:

  • Price Estimates – Misleading price estimates can hugely upset customers when they find out they may have to pay more. Simply, be honest and make it clear from the outset the packing costs involved and include the caveat of potential changes to exchange rates.
  • Ignoring Feedback – It can be hard to face criticism, but it’s worse to just ignore any problems. Deal with these head on and respectfully, and offer any compensation if necessary. At least this way you are demonstrating positive values to your clients.

An Alternative Solution

Finally, there is another method to take the stress and hassle away from managing your own delivery service and that is to use an external firm instead. There are many companies available such as TNT UK who can take care of any shipping needs, whether international or local.

So be sure to give this alternative means a try, or, take on board some of our helpful advice to make your delivery services a cut above the rest.

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