Starbucks is bringing the flat white to America



By Charles Riley

Americans, you’re in luck. Starting on Tuesday, Starbucks will begin offering the flat white as part of its regular menu in the U.S., the coffee chain confirmed. A flat what, you say?

Few Americans have had the pleasure of drinking a flat white, a coffee concoction thought to have originated Down Under in the 1980s that has since become Australia’s unofficial national beverage.

Here’s the skinny: A flat white consists of espresso and steamed milk. If that sounds like a latte, it is. But coffee connoisseurs note that an artfully-made flat white will have a higher coffee-to-milk ratio, and a more velvety texture. Flat whites are typically smaller, too.

That definition is not universally accepted, and there is a thriving cottage industry of food writers trying to tease out the subtle differences between flat whites, cappuccinos and lattes.

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