Tailor Made Financial Support


When a business is looking for financial support, it needs to know that the support offered will fit in with its requirements. There is little point in finance being available if the repayment schedule puts further pressure on the situation. It will merely be a stop gap and a further remedy may be needed fairly quickly.


Companies that offer repayment schedules based upon affordability recognise that they are providing a service that is there to help. Of course, they must make a profit but imaginative solutions are likely to bring them more business and ensure that clients are happy.  When the client’s business is going particularly well, repayments may increase and vice versa. There are seasonal traders who will certainly have quiet months. Some may do the bulk of their business in the summer. Others will do well leading up to Christmas, but then be quiet for a couple of months. Finance that can be tailored to need yet repaid as and when it is possible, within limits, is an extremely valuable service.


Companies such as www.ashleyfinance.co.uk are willing to talk about specific business needs and attempt, through discussions, to find the best solution possible. Where revenue is coming in from credit cards, it is possible to pay back a business loan automatically via the PDQ; at no point will there be a cash flow problem if the schedule is automatically linked to the PDQ, though of course the client will need to ensure that the revenue coming into the business will meet commitments.

The whole thing can be agreed from the outset. If a fixed percentage of every sale settled by credit or debit card is immediately transferred across to repay any loan, the debt will reduce. It is something that can be taken into account when the budgets are prepared, so the priority is simply to hit the sales target. That is not a figure that is guaranteed of course. However, with the economy improving, realistic budgets are far easier to reach than during the years of recession.


This is an ideal solution for retailers or perhaps those in the hospitality business, where the calendar of events is the determining factor for sales. Those payments that are made in cash will be excluded from the system.  This is a fairly innovative approach that does require discussion. Anyone that feels they would like to know more will be welcome to ask. Such lenders realise the need to satisfy enquiries quickly and provide a service that will further reinforce a good reputation. It will cost nothing to get more information and get all your questions answered. It is simply a matter of contacting someone offering such a service and discussing things further.

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