How You Can Successfully Sell Your Gold Bullion


Gold investors can be individuals or companies, as well as trusts and self-managed superannuation funds. If you have concerns, you can meet with a licensed adviser, an accountant or financial planner. Still, history wills out repeatedly that owning gold is an excellent way to preserve wealth. A gold investment doesn’t much differ from a share market portfolio, but remember, that for centuries, gold has been considered a safe haven from currency deflation, as well as a mark of wealth preservation. In today’s economy, investment in gold is still sound.

gold invest

If you’re a successful person, it’s likely you’re a glass half-full person – just like the many investors who were successful throughout what some naysayers have deemed a “gold crash.” Gold is a viable investment, despite claims to the contrary. You can sell gold bullion in Melbourne with success. And by success, we mean that you can still buy and sell and make money.

Even Investopedia supports and encourages an investment in gold, which first appeared around 800 B.C. The first pure-gold coins were struck during the rein of King Croesus of Lydia about 300 years later. Investopedia cites eight reasons to own gold.

  1. A history of holding its value
  2. Weakness of the U.S. dollar
  3. Inflation
  4. Deflation
  5. Geopolitical uncertainty
  6. Supply constraints
  7. Increasing demand
  8. Portfolio diversification

Historically, gold is, pun intended, golden. Stocks failed in the 1970s, but great for gold. Stocks dropped substantially in 2008 and consumers migrated towards gold. Investors have recommended a combination of gold with stocks and bonds in a portfolio. Gold increases when paper investments, like stocks and bonds, decline. Gold may be volatile, but only in the short term – it has maintained value over the long term.

With gold, you want it pure. Investment grade gold is 99.99% — you might know it better as 24-carat gold. Gold is measured the same way other precious metals are – as a troy ounce (31.1035 grams). There are 32.15 troy oz. to a kilogram of gold. Gold prices are based in the US dollar (USD), which called the AUD Spot Price, the current world reserve currency. Spot price is the price traded on the world markets and the price of the metal as it comes out of the ground. A premium is added for dealer costs, which cover high-security transport of the gold, the refining, insurance and office logistics. Because of Australian GST legislation, any gold bullion 99.95% purity is GST free.

Gold Bullion comes in a variety and range of brands:

  1. There’s a GBA bar
  2. Swiss brand PAMP
  3. USA-Minted OPM bards

Trade online and you can trade worldwide. You can buy such tradeables as

  • Pool Allocated/Gram Gold 9999
  • GBA ½ oz. Gold Cast 9999
  • GBA 1 oz Gold Cast 9999
  • GBA 2 oz Gold Cast 9999
  • GBA 100G Gold Cast 9999
  • GBA 5 oz Gold Cast 9999
  • GBA 250G Gold Cast 9999
  • GBA 10 oz Gold Cast 9999
  • GBA 500G Gold Cast 9999
  • GBA 1 KG Gold Cast 9999
  • PAMP 1G Gold Mint
  • PAMP 10G Gold Minted 9999
  • PAMP 20G Gold Mint
  • PAMP ½ oz Gold Minted 9999
  • PAMP 1 oz Gold Mint
  • PAMP 50G Gold Mint
  • PAMP 100G Gold Minted 9999
  • PAMP 5 oz Gold Minted 9999
  • PAMP 10 oz Gold Minted 9999
  • PAMP 250G Gold Mint
  • PAMP 500G Gold Mint
  • PAMP 1kg Gold 9999
  • OPM 1 kg Gold Cast 9999
  • OPM 20 X 1 oz Gold Mint 9999

To ensure the safety of your investment, look for an agency that offers a strategic alliance with Gold Bullion Australia Treasury Reserve (GBATR)that enables an easy transfer of gold you might need vaulted. Critically, it will be fully insured for the complete replacement value, as the GBA Treasury Reserve is a high security vaulting facility, built for the purpose as a storage vault and the insurance of precious metals.

When considering investments, simply think: solid gold.

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