How To Help Someone In Need


Sometimes in life it is all too easy to go about our daily lives without giving a care or a thought for others. However, if we just stop for one second we can make a difference if we try and help someone in need.


There are a number of ways in which we can help someone in need but one important area where help and support is needed is suicide. In recent years suicide has been seen as a way out for many but that really is not the case and for those who have sadly taken their own lives it could have been avoided if people had taken notice and offered a helping hand. Suicide is a very delicate and difficult issue are there is often more than one reason why someone chooses to take their own life and it can often be an accumulation of problems which results in them believing that there is no way to deal with their problems.

Whilst many things can trigger suicidal thoughts and feelings the more common problems are relationship break-ups, a change of circumstances, a physical illness, alcohol or drug dependency, history of suicide in the family or depression. All of these issues can come alone or they can come in multiple numbers, but either way if we took more notice of those around us then we could do more to spot the signs and find a solution.

It is sometimes difficult to tell who is going through emotional issues but there are some signs that can often indicate that someone is in poor emotional health. If these signs are spotted then it is possible to lend a helping hand and work towards finding a way to take the strain and pressure off them.

Should I Be Helping Someone in Need?

Those who are suffering are often low in energy and constantly tired. They may seem more tearful and not want to talk or be around people. They may also show a lack of interest for things that they used to enjoy and they may want to sleep and eat more or less than they previously did. It may become noticeable that they are using drugs and alcohol to help deal with their feelings and even the simplest of every day tasks could become difficult for them to cope with. Often those who are feeling suicidal will show signs of restlessness and agitation and they make take less care in their appearance and distance themselves from friends and family.

When it comes to helping someone in need it is important to look for any signs and recognising that there could be a problem. Listening and just being around them can make the world of difference. Leading statements are often a sign as those who may be suicidal hope that those around them will ask if they want to talk about any issues that they may have.

It just takes care and attention to understand and work out someone’s feelings, it is this kind of support that can really help someone in need.

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