How to Get Rid of Your Old Clunker and Make Money in the Process


You were determined to make this vehicle last as long as possible, and in many respects, you succeeded. Despite all the problems the old junker’s given you, you dutifully hung onto it for over a decade. Since it’s your first car, your attachment to the vehicle is perfectly understandable. After all, this car was with you for most of high school, all of college and even the first few years of adult life. Unfortunately, the vehicle has become the automotive equivalent of a money pit in recent years. It seems like a new, incredibly costly issue surfaces every few months. In spite of all the good times you’ve had in this car, there’s no way you can rationalize continuing to drive it. Luckily, there are a number of convenient ways for you to give your clunker a proper sendoff and make some money in the process.

Sell Your Vehicle to a Salvage Yard

 Old Clunker

Regardless of your vehicle’s condition, a good salvage yard will pay you a fair price for it. The fact that the car is a junker doesn’t mean it isn’t rife with perfectly salvageable parts. Since salvage yards make most of their money selling pre-owned components, they’re generally good at determining a vehicle’s true worth and compensating owners accordingly. As an added bonus, many salvage yards will come to your residence to tow your vehicle away and give you cash on the spot.

Sell the Car to an Auto-Savvy Acquaintance

If you have a close friend or family member who enjoys fixing up old vehicles or salvaging them for parts, consider selling him your clunker. To prevent any subsequent feelings of buyer’s remorse, make sure your friend is fully aware of all the problems you’d had with the car. Before closing the deal, it’s important for him to realize how much work the vehicle needs and know exactly what he’s getting into.

Donate the Vehicle to Charity

If your clunker is still in working condition, there are a number of charities that are happy to take it off your hands. Big-name organizations like Ronald MacDonald House, the North American Bluebird Society and the Huntsman Cancer Foundation accept tens of thousands of vehicle donations each year. Although you won’t receive formal compensation for your vehicle, such a large donation will provide you with a generous tax write-off when April rolls around.

Saying goodbye to your first car can be a surprisingly difficult experience. Even if the vehicle has been nothing but trouble, there’s no denying that you’ve been through a lot with this ornery old clunker. Still, it would be financially-unsound to continue pouring money into such a vehicle indefinitely. Fortunately for people who have reached their breaking points with temperamental junkers, there’s no shortage of ways to get rid of them.

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