How Temporary Employment Agencies Can Help You with Your Financial Situation


According to the National Conference and State of Legislatures, the U.S. unemployment rate is approximately 5.8 percent for the month of November. While those numbers have dropped since last year, it is safe to assume that the job market is still a competitive battleground for interested job seekers. If you happen to be among the 5.8 percent of unemployed workers, chances are you know the challenges. No matter how great your skills and abilities might be, with literally thousands of others competing for the same job it can be hard to land something substantial immediately.

Temporary Solutions Lead to Permanent Satisfaction

For most job seekers, the main objective is to obtain a permanent job that will provide them with financial support and personal satisfaction. The problem is there are not enough permanent positions to go around. As such, job seekers spend months putting in applications with very little success. However, what the potential that lies in temporary employment is often overlooked by jobseekers.

Temporary staffing has become increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes; and for good reason. Temporary jobs allow businesses to hire staff on an as-needed basis, which saves them a great deal of money and time. While businesses certainly benefit from this type of staffing, there are also many benefits for job seekers that should be reviewed.

Earn Income While You Search

All the months you spend putting in applications and waiting out for the ideal position are months spent not making a living. While there are programs out there that can assist you in financially, the funds supplied are usually not enough to cover all expenses. Taking on a temporary position allows you to earn a living as you continue to search for the position that’s right for you.

Gain Industry Experience

Whether you want to be an accountant, I.T. professional, or administrative assistant, having experience and up-to-date industry knowledge is what gets you hired. Accepting a temporary job assignment allows you to do just that. You’re able to select positions within a field or industry you wish to work in and gain industry experience and knowledge that looks great on a resume.

Minimize Employment Gaps

When a potential employer reviews your resume, they’re looking to see several things: your professional experience, your skills and abilities and the length of your professional career. Being unemployed for long periods of time says to an employer that you’re “not as polished” as others may be. It means you’ve been out of practice and may require refresher training, which is costly to businesses. Temporary positions can help to fill those gaps showing that you’ve continued to master your skills even during challenging times.

Discover/Fine Tune Your Interests

According to Forbes, the average U.S. employee will stay with a job about four years before moving on to something else. While there are plenty of reasons for a career switch, wouldn’t it be nice to know from the beginning what you’re interested in? Taking on a temporary job assignment allows you to do this. It gives you a trial run in your ideal career setting therefore allowing you to determine whether or not this type of position is right for you. By learning now what your likes and dislikes are, you will have a better time at finding a career that is not only financially accommodating, but also personally satisfying and rewarding.

Job seekers want permanent employment, however, sometimes finding a temporary solution along the way can lead to long-term satisfaction. If you’ve been unemployed for a while, or are even considering a career switch, accepting temporary job assignments might prove to be more beneficial than you think. Temporary positions allow you to earn a living, gain further experience, close the employment gap and fine tune your career interests and goals – and with any luck be the start of the pathway to your dream job.

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