Are you aware of the Indian road safety laws?


The constitution of every country in the world guarantees a basic right to live to each of its citizens. It applies to India and its constitution to. However, there is a very alarming thing going on all over the world which everyone should pay attention to and be aware of. Every year, all over the world the number of people who die in road accidents totals up to be more than the total number of casualties that happened during the second world war. The same phenomenon is prevalent here also and this is actually very alarming statistics to know. This means that wars don’t kill as many people as carelessness does. The worst part is that in many cases in India, many people dies in road accidents even when they didn’t do anything wrong but because of the mistakes committed by others.


Every day, you will find many articles and reports in newspapers about varied accidents that would have happened in your city and adjoining areas. This has made many people to start paying attention to rules on road safety apart from the emergence of many non-government organizations. These organizations also focus on curbing this increasing mayhem of deaths and injuries. Even the traffic police department has sprung in to activity in different ways to make people aware of safety rules and precautions on the road. They are organizing different events such as safety weeks, drives with a policy of zero tolerance, competitions as well as are demanding even more strict laws to counter this problem.

In India, road accidents have become so big a problem that emphasizing very strongly on road safety laws in India is mandatory. Today, road accidents are the biggest cause of accidental deaths in India. Also, the number of people who die in road accidents every year is the maximum for any country in the world. The rate of road accidents has become so much that apart from the authorities, the people of this country need to work on improving the scenario too. There are some very important reasons that act as the chief factors that cause road accidents such as:

  • The worse condition of roads and violation of traffic rules is one of the biggest reasons behind road accidents in India.
  • Another factor that contributes a lot to so many road accidents is the inability of authorities to enforce the rules and laws pertaining to road safety effectively.
  • At times, even loopholes in making the roads also causes a lot of accidents because of the faulty mechanics used.
  • Ethically, one of the biggest reasons behind so many road accidents is that even after everything, the population is not so ready to accept the laws of road safety. People, in general, tend to take these laws as a limit on their personal comfort.

For the eradication of every problem, proper awareness is a must and that is what stays lacking in the population of this country. However, this problem has become so big that steps need to be taken as soon as possible and everyone needs to be a part of the effort.

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