6 Tips for Writing a Great Customer Service Resume


Writing a successful customer service resume is a demanding task. It doesn’t matter whether you have great experience or you’re making your first steps in this field; it’s always hard to find the right words to present yourself as the right candidate for the job through a standardized document.

Securing a job in the customer service department of a respected company is not an easy endeavor; you need an excellent resume that will depict you as a candidate with all needed qualities. These tips will make the task of writing a winning customer service associate resume less challenging:

  1. Don’t leave any experience out

Provide information about all college internships, part-time jobs and employments associated to this industry. If you want to be considered as a serious candidate for the position, then you need to prove you’re ready for it.

Managers who hire customer service representatives pay a lot of attention to candidates with experience as bank tellers, food servers, receptionists, or other jobs that demand direct contact with customers. Remember to use clear job titles for each position and provide information about the relevant achievements and duties.

  1. Show how skillful you are!

Your education, previous employments and lifestyle have resulted with specific skills you need to include in the resume. Some of the skills that will give you an exclusive edge in the eyes of a hiring manager are courteousness, efficiency, adaptability, attentiveness to details, conflict resolution, and customer care.

You need to present yourself as a positive person who is ready to find the solution for any tense situation in the customer service department while making both the clients and the company happy.

  1. Understand what the manager is looking for!

Each company has different requirements. Think about the requirements for the particular position and present your qualities accordingly. Don’t make the mistake of sending the same resume each and every time you apply for a position. If you are sending resumes to multiple employers, make an effort to customize the skills section in each of the documents, so they will be suitable for the particular positions.

  1. Give examples!

If you are good in communicating with people, then the cliché statement “good communication skills” won’t do you justice. The resume is a bit more flexible than a CV, so you can include real examples that show what makes you good with people.

Have you received recognition for customer service skills by your previous employers? Can you brag with awards related to speaking in public? These practical achievements will land you the job.

  1. Include relevant keywords

It’s the era of technology, so many companies search for qualified workers through an employment database. Keep that in mind when composing your customer service resume and make sure to include important keywords such as customer satisfaction, networking, merchandising, conflict management, cost control, etc. Of course, you must include these keywords in a way that will seem natural within the logical context of your sentences.

  1. Know your limits!

Not everyone is capable of writing an outstanding resume. That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a job in the customer service department; it only means that you need to get help with the application documents. At http://www.resumesplanet.com/, you can hire a professional writer to tailor your resume and increase your chances of landing the desired position.

Remember: writing a proper resume demands skills, patience, practice, and time. It is not recommended to use a template; the hiring manager has probably seen hundreds of similar resumes that left him unimpressed. It is important to create a unique document that will make you stand out! Luckily, you can always get professional resume writing assistance online!

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