3 Simple Ways to Prevent Impulse Shopping


Impulse shopping is the enemy of frugality. If you want to live in harmony with your finances then it’s better to avoid unplanned purchases and buy only things you really need and can afford. But how to avoid impulse buy when there are so many temptations? It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t go to malls and shopping centers and doesn’t have a credit card. Even if you don’t have cash you can always pay with your card or turn to bad credit loans online company. That’s why so many consumers make decisions regarding making purchases extremely quickly. But do these spontaneous purchases make us happy for a long time? Very often customers regret of their spontaneous purchases, especially when they understand that they could save money and use it for something more important. Here’s an advice how to avoid impulse buy and stay frugal despite the variety of goods available in stores.

Shop with a List

Take shopping with a list as a rule and never buy things which aren’t on that list. Set a budget for every shopping and don’t allow yourself to spend more than you’ve planned. Keep in mind that every little unplanned purchase can seriously impact your budget because if only you will lose control it will be hard to stop. When you enter the shop go directly to the sector where you can buy products from your list. For example, if you want to buy groceries then don’t go to the sector with cosmetics or clothes. You can tell yourself “Okay, I’ll just go and go and take a look. I’m not going to get something.” But indeed it can be hard to keep the promise. That’s why plan your shopping and leave your credit card at home. Buy only the things you came for.

Avoid Malls and Shopping Centers

When you have a great choice and some money then there’s a risk that you will leave this money in a shopping mall. People make impulse purchases when they are in a shopping area, so probably the best thing you can do is avoid visiting malls and shopping centers in case you don’t have a specific necessity to go there. In big shopping areas there’s always a risk to see something you will want to buy but this purchase may harm your budget. Never buy something (except of necessities) spontaneously, always take your time and think if you really can’t live without this item. Quite often after some time has passed consumers understand that they feel absolutely comfortable without a thing they recently wanted to buy.

Plan Your Purchases

Use different tricks to avoid impulse buy. If there’s a risk to buy something you don’t need, for example, if your friend asks you to make a company for shopping, don’t take money and a credit card with you. Never buy anything in a hurry. Shopping can bring you pleasure only if you shop wisely and it’s not harmful for your budget. That’s why it’s better to create a list of purchases on your payday and manage your income prudently. And try to distinguish your wants from your needs. Sometimes we think that buying one or another item is a necessity but indeed we can easily live without it and save money for more reasonable purchase.

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