3 Forex Books To Read While Travelling


Upcoming travels? Fill your extra time with a bit of reading to enhance your trading strategy. Whether you’re a beginner in the market or you’ve been around for some time, but you’re looking to enhance your knowledge, the books are easily the best way to go. Take a look:

  • How to Day Trade Forex for Profit:

Authored by trader Harvey Walsh, this book is ideal if you’re looking to get started or readjust your strategy. He describes exactly what makes the currency prices move and the psychological tricks so many traders have to fight. He also works to help readers create currency charts to ensure better market tracking. Easily one of the most honest looks at the market, this one is easy to understand and could change everything you know about Forex now.

  • The Simple StrategyA Powerful Day Trading Strategy For Trading Futures, Stocks, ETFs and Forex:

This book was written by Markus Heitkoetter, and it’s a great train read because it offers some of the plainest language in the business. He offers a black and white look at when to trade and leave it on the table. He looks at it from a very basic perspective, helping traders understand that while software is a helpful tool, it’s the strategy behind every trade that really matters. Just 86 pages long, it’s a great one for in between destinations, but it will shift any trader’s strategy, even experienced traders.

  • Forex for Beginners:

Labelled a prequel to author Anna Coulling’s other two Forex trading books, this is easily where any beginning trader should start. It offers strong foundations to the market, offering a basic framework that will help any trader get a good start, no matter how much time they actually plan to spend trading. Whether you plan to read her other books or just start in the market, this is a good basic reference guide to build skills and knowledge.

Before you try anything new, a bit of research is a must. These books can help you get the sense you need to see if Forex trading is right for you.

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