Buddy loans – A helpful source


Probably the worst thing to think of and hear about is the word “loan” particularly if you are the one directly affected with it. As the old saying goes, a debt is worry of the night and embarrassment of the day, which is truly well said. I am writing this from my personal viewpoint and not a commercial interest on how one can limit himself into entering this vicious cycle of loans.


Lets crack it down on why we need money and why can’t we restrain ourselves to our own pockets? Well, the one obvious reason is the media. Wondering why? Because in this fast moving digital world, your eyes get laid on so many unwanted things every day that your brain ultimately starts thinking of getting a few of these. This starts the process of selective buying. Now provided that you have enough extra money, this could be an ultimate buying pleasure for you. However, if you are one of those hand-to-mouth living creatures, your future is going to suck you.

However, there is an exception to it, which is when you are forced to take a loan because there is an inevitable happening of circumstances that need to be taken care of by hook or by crook. An example could be illness of one of your beloved ones or of your own self. It could be sudden breakdown of your sanitary system that needs renewing, it could be the tuition of your son’s college that must be paid before a certain date, and so on!

In such emergencies, you are left with two options. A close friend that HAS the money and he trusts you enough to lend it to you; or an institution or bank that can give you loan on certain terms. Lending from banks could be a hard shot because of their unrealistic legal requirements. Here comes the need of a third party lender, however, you need to be careful to request from a direct lender like buddy loans and not a broker to avoid scams, excessive interest and bad reputation of your credit history.

I am done for today, but again, my personal advice for you guys is to stretch yourself within your bed sheets.

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