Bicycle Lawsuits


There are infinite dangers associated with riding a bicycle in open traffic. Drivers can be oblivious to the intentions of cyclists, with some annoyed that these riders are sharing the road with them. For a cyclist, all it takes is one mistake from a car driver and they could end up on the ground – injured or worse.

Statistics show that around a hundred cyclists die every year in the United States, while thousands end up in the hospital with serious injuries. Most of these accidents are attributed to negligence from drivers.

If you or someone you love has been injured by driver negligence while riding a bike, it is important to get compensation for your situation. What should the victim do in such a situation? Here is a look at the options.

Consult a Lawyer

Personal injury and accident lawyers know all about how to get a favorable verdict for their clients. Most of these attorneys will only take a fee if they win the case or reach a good settlement with the other party. If you believe that you were injured due to driver negligence, consult an attorney today.

Do You Have a Case?

Before going down the route of hiring a lawyer, it is vital to go over the facts of your accident. There is always a reason for an accident taking place, but your compensation lawsuit will hinge on that reason. For example, a cyclist that slips and falls in wet weather conditions cannot blame a negligent car driver. Similarly, if you were biking in the snow, the other party will claim poor weather caused the accident, not their negligence.

Retrace Your Steps

From the moment the accident happens, it is important to create an account of the events. Write down everything you remember about the accident, including the time, where you were going, the route you took, and where the accident took place. Write down whatever you remember about the other party, how they reacted, and whether there were any witnesses. Speak to those witnesses and see if they have a clearer picture of who was at fault.

Medical Assessment

Have a doctor look at you right after the accident. This will help assess injuries and other wounds. Sometimes injuries can take a few days to manifest, which is why a visit to the doctor is vital. You could be walking around with a concussion and not even know. The medical assessment will also help determine the amount you can claim as compensation from the party at fault.

Bike Repairs

Having your bicycle checked is also an important part of the post-accident process. Sometimes a cycle is not badly damaged in an accident and minor repairs are all that is needed. In the event that you need major repairs, you can add them to the requested compensation amount.

Effects of Bike Accidents

Bicycle accidents are a lot more dangerous than car accidents. When two vehicles collide, the damage is often absorbed by the cars. Only high speed car accidents result in serious injuries to passengers. With a bike accident, even a simple collision between a bike and car can cause serious injuries to the rider. They may fall over and hit their head, sprain their ankle, or tear a knee ligament.

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