6 Common Car Financing Issues and Their Solutions


Car financing has its pitfalls. Most problems tend to occur during the preparation of the contract. A car loan should help you save, not make you deal with extra expenses. Because there are things that typically go wrong, we are discussing the ways to avoid or to fix these common issues.

Not Knowing the Credit Rating

It happens too often that buyers ignore just what would help the price go down: their credit rating. When applying for a car loan, knowing one’s rating is essential. A good credit score leads to a more advantageous interest rate, as it’s a sign for the lender that the client can be trusted with their payments. Not only find out your credit situation, but actually do your best to improve the score. First of all, order a copy of your credit report and identify the ‘wrongs’. Ask the credit bureau for ways to improve it.

Dealership Overspending

Once one gets to the dealership, overspending comes easily. Set a specific maximum amount for the car to be bought and never cross that limit. Be realistic about your income and follow the experts’ advice: consider paying up to 20% of your net monthly income and never go beyond that. This percentage must include car payments, as well as all related expenses.

Car Financing Issues

Not Having a Loan Already

Most people just go to a dealership before they make a loan. This translates to less negotiating power, sadly. Get approval for car financing before you pay a visit to the dealership – no-obligation loans are best. Thus, it will all come cheaper, and you will make the best use to purchase Cheap Cars on Finance.

Confusing Dealer Choices

This is not about the dealer in itself, but about the offer it makes. Usually, it’s the cash rebate and the discounted financing. People tend to go for the latter, as it sounds more advantageous. However, it’s the cash rebate that’s the better choice. It will cut some of the vehicle price and then you’ll be able to cut further thanks to the pre-approved loan you’ve already obtained. You will see the combined power of the rebate and the low interest rates.

Extra Fees Not Being Questioned

Customers often discover that the numbers on the contract are different than the ones they previously knew. Then, they make the big mistake of not questioning these changes. It’s not exactly ‘normal’ for these to happen. Refrain from signing everything right away and check any modifications. Dealers make a habit of adding unnecessary fees in order to make up for any drop in price.

The Buyer Giving Up Control

It’s such a common pitfall – the client starts to feel confused, then pressured. Thus, he gets to sign quicker whatever there is. The loss of control in the moment creates an undesirable situation: the dealer gets in a power position and forces an outcome that’s advantageous to them. Remember that the buyer should be in control at all times.

To be more of a winner and get cheap cars on finance, you may do some shopping around. This is possible and fruitful especially since the dawn of the online car supermarkets.

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