What you Need to Know about Credit Card Processing for Your International Business


Whether you are running a well-established enterprise or you’re just dipping your toes in the water of commerce, if you’re expanding your business into the global marketplace, you will need to offer your products and receive credit card payments in multiple currencies. Here at USA Bancard, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you open up the global market while you focus on the day-to-day running your business.


High Risk Credit Card Processing

Many merchant service providers are reluctant to partner with a company who is in a high risk industry. There are many different products and services within this category, such as, adult toys and entertainment, cigar sales, online gaming and gambling, online retail, and stock trading. The reasons why they may decline to partner with such businesses may be credit status or, most likely,simply because they do not want to be involved with high risk credit card processing.


Taking the Risk Together

At USA Bancard, we are perfectly amenable to taking on high risk partners. Whether you are operating your business from a corporate office or out of your garage, we appreciate the opportunity to partner with as many variousindustries as possible. USA Bancard stands above the rest because we have a 24-48 hour response time with a 99% client approval rate. We also have a combined history of 45 years’ experience dealing with international clients and high-risk industries.


Not just a Merchant Service

As well as providing a high quality merchant service to make receipt of global credits card payments easy, here at USA Bancard we can also offer payment gateway services as part of our online payment solutions. This means you don’t have to be concerned about your bank dropping you because of one chargeback. Our rapid processing time ensures that you can have access to your working capital much faster. We can also help out with non-signature credit card processing and mobile processing, to streamline your business even further.


Why you Should talk to USA Bancard

Because of our many years of experience partnering with credit card processing for high risk industries, we know more than most that it’s important for us you help you do well, because that means we are doing our job well. Regardless of your choice of industry, we aim to provide you services that will help your company flourish.

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