Various Kinds of Estate Agent Window Displays Pockets


Estate agents, all over the world consider display pockets to be their most favoured option, when it comes to displaying their services. Easy access and simple appearance; window display pockets have been and continue to be the preferred display equipment for estate agents over years. Understated in appearance, these pockets display the essential services provided without negating the seriousness of the profession. But how do you decide which size of window display pockets are ideal for your agency window?

There are a decent amount of choices in the sizes of window display pockets. But how do you decide on one, unless you know about each in details? This post aims to provide you with the details of the kinds of estate agent window display pockets you have at your disposal. Take a look at all the sorts available to finalise on one kind.

Window display pockets in general comes in A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5 sizes in both portrait and landscape orientation. Made of 3mm commercial grade acrylic, shaped and cut on a computer operated CNC router, the window display pockets come with smooth and polished edges. The front face of these display pockets is generally shorter than the back, allowing you to easily change the documents with simple touch of your fingers. With the basics of display pockets cleared, let us look at the various kinds in details:

  • A1 (Portrait/Landscape) – This is a great option for creating an impact with your window display. Having an 841H x 594 sized A1 portrait or 594H x 841W sized A1 landscape in the middle of your firm window, can create the much required focal point and attract the attention of window shoppers. Such signage can have your business name, phone number, website, photograph or any other message you wish to send out to your possible customers.

  • A2 (Portrait/Landscape) – With a dimension of 594H x 420W for portrait and 420H x 594W for landscape, A2 draws almost the same attention as A1. Although a bit smaller than the previous one, this one is also impressive enough.

  • A3 (Portrait/Landscape) – The landscape orientation of this kind is more popular than its portraits. Having a dimension of 420H x 297W for portrait and 297H x 400W for landscape, A3 display pockets can draw considerable attention as well. Many agencies are often seen using A3 landscape pockets to display 2 A4 portraits side by side. Although a possibility, A4 display pockets can be used in a better manner too.

  • A4 (Portrait/Landscape) – Single display pockets of A4 size come at 297H x 210W for portrait and 210H x 297W for landscape. Although these are most expensive configuration requiring maximum number of fittings, these look most effective when evenly spaced across the window. One way to make this cost effective and efficient is to display the use of Triple A4 Portrait Pockets or the Double A4 Portrait Pockets.

    • Triple A4 Portrait Pockets – The main reason why these are used is to reduce costs. This is nothing but a piece of acrylic capable of displaying three A4 portraits of 297H x 210W side by side. Since the number of fittings that goes into this is less than the number that goes in case of multiple single A4 pockets, it becomes a cost-effective option. Basically this is one pocket that can hold multiple documents, making it not only affordable, but all-comprehensive in terms of appearance as well.

    • Double A4 Portrait Pockets – These work on the same principle of reducing the number of fittings required when compared to the number needed in case of single A4 pockets. Two A4 portraits or one A3 landscape can be fitted on this one. There is a 10mm gap between each document that separates one from other. Instead of a mono-block of information presentation, this clearly helps readers to define two segments of the displayed document.

  • A5 (Portrait/Landscape) – These are used only on rare occasions when a lot has to be displayed in small window space. Portrait of 210H x 148W or landscape of 148H x 210W dimension is the standard size to display documents in these pockets. When there is a requirement for displaying small documents, this is the perfect one.

Thus, based on your requirement, you can select the one that suits your windows and intentions most.

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