The Smart Thermostat: Knows What You Need, When You Need


There are smart phones. Then there are smart gadgets. And then there is the smart thermostat from Nest. Stasstistically, the world loses billions of dollars each year from energy that could have possibly been saved. One of the main culprits today for the energy loss is of course, the thermostat. These small, often ugly-looking pieces are sold in millions each year the world over (around ten million a year, to be precise) and your home’s energy needs are controlled mostly by it as well.


Unlike your smart phones or your laptops, the thermostats industry hasn’t witnessed as much of an innovation – something Tony Fadewell has tried to address with his new company, Nest. The Nest Learning Thermostat, is made by Tony Fadwell, the guy who helped Apple design the iPod and was a member of Apple’s iPhone and iPod division before he left his VP post.

Still tinkering with your old thermostat?

Yes, you get a thermostat that is programmable for different weather and environment. Theoretically, you can save energy by programming these thermostats. Practically, very few actually do it – a reason your home will eat up more energy when it has a thermostat than when it doesn’t.

You need a thermostat that can automatically measure the environment and adjust the temperature accordingly for an optimum experience and reduce energy loss. The Nest Learning Thermostat does exactly this.

The Nest Thermostat

This thermostat hasn’t just gone in for new features but new looks too. Priced at around $250, the Nest Learning Thermostat is round and has a slightly doomed glass screen. You will find the screen going orange when the thermostat is heating and blue when it’s cooling. The sensors help it to recognize when you are nearby and it turns on automatically. Here is a look at what else this Thermostat does right.

Wi-Fi Connectivity – The New Age Thermostat

You need a thermostat that can think for itself. For that, you need software that words. Through WiFi connectivity, you can download software updates and connect it to your iOS or Android app to see details like the current temperature and even change it. Imagine being on vacation and remembering you had turned your thermostat on, there is no worry as you can control with the help of your smart phone.

How long will it take?

You can change your Nest’s temperature for different events like bed time and work time. You will be displayed info that includes how much time it will take the thermostat for attaining that temperature. Nest assumes this will stop people from changing temperature arbitrarily thinking that it will be cooler faster.

The learn it all thermostat

The Nest Thermostat learns from its experience. You can manually change its settings for a week or so and it will learn what you need. It will start to configure itself accordingly as per your needs and your lifestyle.

Energy Savings

Yes, at $250 the Nest Thermostat seems an expensive buy. But then, Nest states that you can save $250 easily within two years as energy savings. A correctly programmed thermostat can save you hundreds of dollars a year – after all you do not need to have the thermostat on when you are not in the room. Nest’s sensors detect whether there is anybody in the room and adjust the room temperature accordingly. Of course, you need to have the thermostat in an open space – it cannot really search for visitors if it’s located in a closet.

True, it might be a bit complex to install this new thermostat but then Nest offers you some amazing YouTube videos. However, you might need an expert to install it if you are confused. You can get one for around $100.

You can get wholesale air conditioners at great deals these days. The Nest Thermostat for one is a great buy and one that will save you hundreds of dollars down the years.



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