Fake Netotrade Reviews Tarnishing a Good Company?


With the emergence of the Internet has come the ability for literally anyone to voice his or her opinions. While this is a great thing because it allows for a massive exchange of information, it’s a bad thing because, well, literally anyone can say anything they want. In some cases, this isn’t a bad thing and can actually be quite amusing. However, when it comes to the reputation of a business, it can be a quite tarnishing thing. Take online trading, for example  – an endeavor that can be quite intimidating. For every legitimate service out there, there can be countless fake services looking to steal your information.

Netotrade Comes Under Fire

Netotrade scam reviews, for example, have begun popping up all over the web. Does this mean that the service is a scam? If you were to believe these tarnishing reviews without doing your homework, it would be very easy to think Netotrade is a scam. However, after doing your research, it’s also very easy to understand that the exact opposite is in fact true.

Netotrade is a company that has been around for quite some time now allowing consumers to trade in the foreign exchange markets. They are up there with big companies like Scottrade and Etrade – though their market share is understandably quite a bit smaller. However, just because they are a smaller company than the aforementioned giants, it doesn’t mean that Netotrade is a scam in any way shape or form.

Offered by Netotrade for beginners are things such as 1-on-1 personal training, a wealth of information for new traders, guidance from trained professionals and more. However, it’s not only new traders that have disputed the belief that Netotrade is a scam. Experienced traders as well have been able the benefit from the company’s low latency, fast execution and integration with the extremely popular MetaTrader platform.

Why Do Netotrade Scam Reviews Exist? 

If Netotrade is a legitimate company, why would anyone take the time to write a scathing review? To understand this, you have to first look at what Netotrade actually is: a platform for investors to trade foreign currency, otherwise known as FOREX. FOREX in particular is a very volatile form of investing, as it’s quite hard to determine when a particular currency will increase or decrease in value – especially for people who do not know what they are doing. This alone can give you a clue what Netotrade scam review exist.  Upon reading a bit into these reviews you can see that virtually every single review that calls Netotrade a scam almost entirely focuses on them losing money.

In fact, reading a bit further you can see that virtually none of these reviews ever say anything about Netotrades policies, platform or anything to do with the company itself. Instead, these reviews are heavily focused on how they used the platform for what it was built (FOREX trading) and due to a lack of knowledge they lost their investment. Does this mean Netotrade is a scam? Not by a long shot. Investing in anything is risky business – especially if you have no prior knowledge in the markets.

In short, coming across a Netotrade review that calls the company a scam for any of the services it offers is quite hard. Instead reviews are filled with unhappy customers who invested their money unwisely and ended up losing it instead of blaming themselves for lack of preparation.

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