Energy Costs at the Planning Stage


There is an accepted housing shortage in the UK. Even if 100,000 new houses were built every year until the end of the decade that would still be insufficient to fully satisfy demand. The situation has not been helped by the years of recession that have just ended. During these years, demand dropped in the property market and simple economics meant that little new building was done.

Things have now changed and the market has become much more buoyant. It means that new build projects have been taken off the shelf and begun. Others have been initiated. It is a countrywide phenomenon because the growth has been right across the board. Even some of the financial issues that new buyers would otherwise have faced have been addressed. First time buyers have been able to get government help to get on to the housing ladder.

From Scratch

When a new scheme is started from scratch, architects effectively have a blank piece of paper. In those circumstances it makes sense to look at various alternatives for heating. Heat pumps should certainly come into consideration. Air Source heat pumps prices are very competitive and using the renewable source of air makes very good environmental sense.


One of the factors that every home owners needs to consider is the cost of energy for the house. It is something that has been increasing year by year. There is no reason to expect that to change. It makes sense therefore to build new houses with the most cost effective central heating system. In that regard, air heat pumps stand up to scrutiny.

They can operate to heat the house or cool it depending on the season. Even in mild winters houses need heat and their occupants need hot water. In the summer hot water is still needed though the priority may be to cool the houses as well. A single pump cannot do the two at the same time however. One solution is to have two systems installed. Economics will dictate whether that is practical.

Cost control

Even though there is growth in the property markets, costs still need to be controlled. Those costs include everything from the cost of the build to the expected cost of running the home once occupied. It is the latter that potential buyers will focus upon so developers need to consider it as well.

In the UK, people have always aspired to owning their own homes. It was not just the creation of Margaret Thatcher who began the policy of selling council houses to their tenants. The aspiration preceded her. It has been something that has allowed people to build up a significant asset through their working lives. Today’s young people may find it more difficult because prices have risen strongly. Those who are buying want value and no unnecessary running costs. Heat pumps address one of the main running costs of a new home; as such they should be in the minds of every property developer.

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