5 Email Marketing Tips to Help Improve Response Rate


EmailEmail marketing has come into the marketing mainstream. In fact, most (if not all) businesses have adopted the build-a-list mantra. This is because compared to other marketing media, email marketing has been known to generate excellent conversions consistently. Using email marketing powerfully requires a few ingredients.

It is not about how great sounding your ads are or how sleek the newsletter designs are. Your emails should address and connect with its intended audience. Forget this, and you are just having a conversation with yourself. Be the business its audience cannot wait to hear from. How can you do that?

Always tell a Story

At the very least, make your email interesting. You see, people may have evolved, they may be wealthy; they may even live like kings. However, there’s one thing they cannot resist. A good story! ALWAYS find a way to weave a good story into your emails.

It is the surest thing you can do to keep them interested and captivated in whatever it is you want them to do. A good story, followed by your pitch always works wonders. I would strongly recommend that you adopt the soap opera series approach. Tell a good story, leave them hanging in the end and tell them when next you’ll be getting in touch.

One Thing Only Method

Have you seen those emails that want you to do three things at the same time? The type that ask you to “checkout my link, my sponsor’s links, and another link to another website”? While not as popular as they used to be, there are still people who do this. If you want to pitch a blender, let the content of your emails be just that. No more, no less. Pitching a blender and kitchen knives will never work. It is too distracting.

Powerful Benefit Driven Headlines

No one will open your emails without a powerful, benefit driven headline. There’s an enormous difference between a headline like “Garcinia Cambogia – is this the miracle fruit?” and “Is Garcinia Cambogia the Miracle Fat Burning Fruit or is it Just Another Scam?”. Your headlines must rock, and they must address specific issues. It must have a clear, distinct advantage or at the worse the apparent promise of one. Hope you got that?

Should Show the Recipient Exactly What to Do

You emails must always show the recipient what you want them to do. You are not emailing them for the sake of fun. You are emailing them because you want them to do just one thing. Take that approach. Don’t allow them guess or even perceive it. Show them what you need them to do. This always gets great results when combined with a clear call to action (we’ll address that next).

Include Powerful Call to Action

As much as possible, you do not want your subscribers or recipients even to think twice about your offer. So, your emails must always have a compelling call to action. You emailed them with a particular purpose in mind, didn’t you? So tell them what you want them to do.

If it leaves room for questions, your audience will most likely hesitate before they take that action. This is not what you want. The reason is that you want them to be in the “go-go-go mindset,” not the “let’s see mindset.” For instance, let’s say you wanted to check out a free Pilates report and download it.

Your call to action will be something along the lines of “Download your own copy of the groundbreaking report NOW!”. That is always better than “Why not check out our free Pilates report.” That is lame, not to mention the fact that it sucks! It lacks punch and makes you seem like you are not even sure of what you are pitching.

Apply all these to your next email marketing campaign, and you’ll get excellent response rates, higher clickthrough and conversion rates.

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