Your Guide Generating Leads in 2014


Generating more leads is on every business’s agenda. Yet companies often find that their efforts at lead generation go unrewarded. Is your business looking for leads in the right places? While social media has been a hot topic, and many companies are investing heavily to establish a social media presence, networks like Twitter and Pinterest don’t seem to be generating the leads that other platforms do. The following tips will help companies effectively generate leads to grow their business.

Invest in a Great Website

An effective business website is essential for businesses today. A navigable website that showcases the business is just as important as a traditional storefront once was for traditional businesses. A great website means that customers can seek out the business on their own and make contact. In this way, the website is an excellent portal for lead generation.


Businesses that rely on email and electronic newsletters to generate leads often meet with success. Email is more direct than many other channels and allows for a business to customer platform. Businesses that take time to build their mailing list find that the effort supports business growth.

Tradeshows and Conferences

Businesses that take time to establish a presence at tradeshows and invest in the expense to attend conferences can effectively generate leads. Studies show that tradeshow and conference attendance is one of the key ways to obtain great business-to-business leads.

Outsourcing Lead Generation

Sometimes leaving lead generation to an expert outsourced firm is the key that businesses need to move forward. An outsourcing agency can focus on specific skill sets and prioritize lead generation to free up the business’s staff to close deals and perform other necessary tasks. An outsourcing firm with lead generation expertise can seamlessly integrate with the business to provide this important service with reliable know-how.

Try these tips to see if they will answer for your business. You can grow your business in 2014 and have a successful year when you focus on lead generation. Explore these platforms and tailor them to suit your particular business.

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