What Is Investment And Why Is It Necessary?


You may be earning a lot of money at present. You may have earned like crazy in your past as well. But what about your future? Have you secured it? Have you secured the future of your family and especially your children? What would happen if you don’t exist in the world anymore? How will your family survive? How will your children survive ‘til the time they are not able to stand on their own feet and earn for themselves? As a husband and a parent, there are a lot of responsibilities that burden you. This is why investments are necessary.


  • Meaning of investment:

Investment is nothing but a process wherein an individual puts in money to earn profits after a certain period of time. Investments can be made in anything – be it property, gold, silver, fixed deposits, or any sort of precious metals, that are believed to have increased or enhanced value in future.

Following are the two different reasons that would tell you why investments are necessary:

  • Increased value of the product purchased at present:

There are some things that lose their charms and values as and when the time passes. On the other hand, there are certain things that gain value and increased rates along with the passing days. For an instance, gold, silver and other such precious metals have increased values. Their rates fluctuate and an intelligent mind knows when to sell them, if he ever invested in these metals. Whenever the rate is at its highest and the investor thinks that this is the time to earn profits from the same, he sells that precious metal and enjoys higher profit rates. If he bought one gram of gold for $ 20 and if he sees the amount of one gram to be $ 30 in the market after a few days down the line, he sells the same and enjoys the amount of $ 10, which he earned just by investing $20 and keeping patience for a few days. This is a small example. People invest in larger amounts and earn higher profits. If you wish to invest in gold, all you need to do is search for gold IRA companies and gather all the information about gold investments.

  • Security for the future:

If you are totally bankrupt yet have a few assets and investments left, you can easily opt for those investments and get money out of them to enjoy your life once again. You don’t have to beg in front of others to give you shelter in your bad times. Investment not only lets you earn good amount of profits, but also gives you enough strength to feel secured for your future. Moreover, you make your family proud as it knows that no matter what happens, you have invested enough to feed them even if there are no sources of incomes left for you and them. This is why the retired people enjoy the amounts they receive from the investments they once make.


Robert Anthony is a financial advisor who believes in investments and has suggested several of his clients to invest in gold, silver and other such precious metals. He has even mentioned about gold retirement account in two of his articles.

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