Improving Your Home and Increasing Its Value


When most people think of increasing the value of their home, they think of remodeling a kitchen or putting in another bathroom. Perhaps they envision new windows or hardwood floors to replace that old carpet. Luckily, not all improvements need to cost thousands, nor do they need to actually be on the interior of your home; the exterior counts as well. This is especially true when it comes to patios.

Per Fox News, in recent years, patios have been one of the top 10 features that home buyers desire. A National Association of Realtors survey found that over half of those asked stated that they would be willing to pay a premium price for a house with a patio.

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Patios and the Value of Your Home

It’s the demand and desire of home buyers that causes patios to add value to your home. Some home buyers see the patio as a bonus living area that won’t be taxed heavily and is easy to manage with no cooling or heating. Others see the patio as a place to bring friends and family together for parties, celebrations, or casual get-togethers. However, not all patios will work for you; the wrong one can work against you – and this includes a nice patio filled with the wrong furniture.

Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Patio

Your choice in patio furniture will often dictate how home buyers (or house guests and friends) view your patio and perhaps your entire yard as a whole. A beautifully designed patio can easily be ruined by tattered, worn, or just plain ugly furniture. This makes knowing how to choose the right kind essential.

According to Linders, the first two things that should emanate from your patio furniture are comfort and style; you want potential buyers to be able to picture themselves on your patio, sitting outside on a warm summer day, reading a book and slipping on lemonade. Or, if you aren’t planning to relocate any time soon, you’ll want this comfort and style for yourself.

For instance, you need to take into consideration exactly what your patio will be used for and the image you want it to project: will it be a place for cocktail parties? Family BBQs? A pseudo-clubhouse for a toddler? The answer to this will greatly dictate the type of furniture your purchase.

You also need to consider the durability of your patio furniture – as most homeowners know, patio furniture can easily be damage by the sunshine, rain, and other forces of nature. You can increase the odds of your patio furniture lasting by bringing it in during inclement weather, cleaning it regularly, and repairing minor flaws before they become major. However, this is timely and requires a great deal of luck; you simply might not be home during a hail storm when you patio furniture needs to be pulled in. For this reason, one of the simplest things you can do is purchase patio furniture that is weather-resistant. Weather-resistant furniture will take the hassle out of protecting and caring for patio furniture, ultimately assuring that your patio looks its best all year long.

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