How to Find Nurse Jobs in London


Are you in search of nurse jobs in London? For all the training and qualifications you may have acquired, for all the individual job applications you may have made, you might have found it a somewhat daunting and uphill prospect.

However, challenging times for the National Health Service may also offer challenging opportunities for suitably qualified nurses who are able to tap into the appropriate jobs on offer not only in the public sector, but in the private sector too.


There seems little doubt that the whole of the health care sector is facing serious challenges. The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), for example, refers to the specific challenges thrown up by the introduction of clinical commissioning and the target for making £20 billion efficiency savings within the NHS by the year 2015.

At the centre of these challenges is the recruitment of suitably qualified health professionals and probably some of the best placed organisations to facilitate such recruitment are specialist nursing agencies. One such example is Cromwell Medical who offer nursing staff flexible working hours and weekly payments.

Why use a nursing recruitment agency?

Finding your nursing job through an agency may have a number of benefits:

  • through an agency you are immediately in touch with like-minded professionals who have your interests at heart – finding the relevant nursing job in your chosen city of London;
  • through a dedicated agency consultant you may receive round the clock advice and support 365 days a year, from the moment you file your initial application through every placement you may fill;
  • a nursing agency is not only well equipped to find you the appropriate placement within London, but is also likely to recognise and respect the value of your qualifications and the esteem in which membership of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is held;
  • an agency typically recognises that amongst Registered General Nurses (RGNs), Registered Mental Nurses (RMNs) and health care assistants there may be a very wide range of specialisations;
  • specialisations may range from A&E and ITU nursing to theatres and neonatal units – and it is the job of a nursing agency to know where the demand for such specialists exists;
  • one of the most reliable ways of assuring yourself that an agency has access to placements in any and all of such areas of specialisation, you might want to look for the logo that indicates its approval by the London Procurement Partnership (LPP), indicating that it is also approved as a Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supplier – thus giving you access to probably the largest pool of job vacancies in the nursing profession.

Specific benefits

Some of the more specific benefits offered by leading nursing agencies may include:

  • attractively competitive rates of pay made in weekly payments;
  • annual awards for high-performing nurses;
  • free training and ongoing career development opportunities;
  • opportunities for flexible working practices, so that you may chose to work full time or part time during your preferred hours;
  • a team of like-minded professionals committed to finding you the right placement to suit your skills and job preferences; and
  • a streamlined, easy to follow and effective recruitment process designed to find you a placement quickly – and to keep you fully employed in your chosen career.

With only your own resources to rely upon, finding nurse jobs in London may prove time-consuming, disheartening and ultimately fruitless. Combine your skills and qualifications with the expertise and health service connections of a nursing agency however, and you may find the placement you are looking for in record time.

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